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Hello there readers of my blog, I hope that I find you well? Just thought I best update whats going on with me and a very important milestone!

The very important milestone first me thinks. Regular reader of this poor excuse for a blog, and anybody who knows me, will know I have a bit of a sad obsession with Motorways. Not sure to this day as why I do but still I will endeavour to continue…

Anyway I have beaten my record of motorways in one day! More information regarding why I do this can be found on an older post here. My previous record of 11 has now well and truly been smashed! 14 motorways in one day!!! The day in question was Wednesday 25th August when I had to go up to St Andrews in Scotland for work, via Bury on the way. so the completer list is as follows:

M40, M42, M6, M56, M60, M66, M65, M61, A 74(M), M74, M73, M80, M9, M90

Good work indeed for me, albeit a very very long day. To beat this is definitely going to take something very special!!!

Anyway onto something completely different. My photography has been very low on the radar the last month and certainly need to improve and submit some more images for publication. However I have been published but by someone else! Strange yes i’m sure it is but please read on.

I recently picked up this months copy of Railways Illustrated, a monthly insight int0 everything I enjoy about my hobby, I open up to the editorial a few pages in and what do I see but a picture of me with other ‘enthusiasts’ at a recent open day held by DRS at its Crewe Gresty Lane Depot. This was a bit of a shock as I have myself taken images of Trainspotters and put them on a web gallery and even blogged about it before. It seems that the tables are now changed! I did send the picture below to a good friend and his reply was very funny, simply stating that I had “unfortunately cunningly disguised myself as me”

So until next time, keep an eye on my twitter feed, tumblr blog, facebook and flickr as its my birthday soon and Im sure that there will be pics of me being out and about all drunk and so on!

Be Cool Peeps!


Long Time , No See

Well that’s to all of you who may happen to read this poor attempt at a blog! Hope everything is all good in your world? There has been lots happening in mine and will try and fill you in on these below. Now I’m sure I will miss some bits and bobs but will endevour to come back and add them later.

Firstly is the lack of keeping this updated. I have no excuse, I have had plenty of free time over the last couple of months, but have found myself occupied with other things. I have however been keeping my Twitter and Tumblr Blog up to date, so please take a look to see my daily ramblings and where I’ve been recently.

First off Smoking. I had mentioned in a previous post that I had attempted to give up the old fags! Well as of today I have gone 8 weeks without one! Well done to me! It has been very hard and especially whilst out and about with everyone else chuffing away! But I’ve stayed strong and resisted, I hopefully will be smoke free forever! I have been going down the patches route and as of tomorrow will be on the final 2 week lowest dose!

Now with not smoking you may think that I have had loads of money to myself and find myself in a new financial situation. Well the answer is yes and no, the problem is you see that I have always been crap with money and if I have it I will spend it! So with all this extra cash I have been investing in many things. Cd’s, DVD’s, Books and model trains! (More about his later, maybe not today!)

But this has now stopped, I have succeeded in not buying crap food whilst out with work and from now on this is the testing times, do not go crazy when I look at the bank balance. There are many things on the iwant list for the future, a new compact camera, a new lens for my SLR and a holiday would be nice, The US has been calling me and the wife recently, may have to go back to good old NYC!

But I have my feet firmly on the ground and trying to be a sensible, mature grown up! Lets see if this continues!

On the geek front, a few updates I am now the proud owner of two iPhones, al be it one of them is a work one but now I am all powerful in the world of mobiles! The obsession with Fox’s Glee continues and am eagerly awaiting the new episodes in around two weeks time!

This then brings me onto a small matter of another television great returning. The Doctor! Yes on Saturday Doctor Who returns with Matt Smith in all its HD glory on the BBC. To say i’m a bit excited like a little boy would be an understatement. I’m sure my good friend Magic Moir will also be counting down the days, hours and minutes until this occasion. Cant wait to have a good old geeky chat with him about it. Also the last few episodes of Lost which he is also an avid fan. Will we ever know why, what and why all of that ever happened????

Mind The Gap

On the other major geek front, railways, I have been a busy little spotter with a couple of trips already in the bag this moth with plenty of photos being taken, many of which can be found on my flickr page. I have also taken a route down to the darkside of railway enthusiasts and returned to spotting wagons. I used to do this many years ago in the early 90’s, but I have found that if you end up owning a book of them, you will spot! Still it has given me a fresh enthusiasm for my hobby, whatever you feel, I’m happy!

So I think thats about it not to go on too much, just another insight to what is going on with me. Oh and I still have not started exercising, but will try within the next week or two to go out running and on the pushbike more.

So until then I bid you all farewell

Smoking is Cool

And you know it is, Fact. No I know it’s very bad for you and so on and so forth, but he plain and simple fact is that Smoking is Cool, you just have to look at all the famous cool people in the world, they all smoke don’t they, Yes!

Which brings me on to my point, I am cool and as from tomorrow, 1st February 2010, I will no longer be cool as I’m packing in the fags! there I have announced it to the world.

There are many reasons for this but more importantly than anything else it’s about time. I have heard tales from friends who have managed this task in the past, and they are amazed that halfway through the month they still have money left in their bank accounts! I’m especially looking forward to this.

To also counteract the retirement from coolness, I will also throughout February be not drinking any form of alcohol! I have concluded that temptation is the highest for cigarettes whilst enjoying a cold pint or two with friends. To stop the fags I must cease the beer, although only temporarily.

So this is my mission, if you will, my goal, my vision, my challenge for 2010. I think I’m ready, smoked all of the remaining fags, ┬ádrank all the beer in the fridge, stop taking money out with me to prevent my from purchasing said items, and most importantly invested in some heavy duty nicotine patches! On the other side of this pain I will be considerably more wealthy, more healthy and more nice smelly.

Chances are good that I will succeed so I will keep you posted, and Im sure that my regular tweets will keep you updated, so here goes, here’s to a month of hell.

Bye for now!

Overnight Stay

Well been adding a few things to the blog here, namely a RSS feed from my Flickr pages and Twitter. The more observant of you will notice what is on the Flickr feed…trains!

Well i’m sure that explains the “BigColes the Geek’ name of this blog, yes as you may have guessed I am what you normal people refer to as a ‘Train Spotter’. It is a tad more complex than that one word but still more to come soon on this fascinating subject.

Now back to what I was planning to talk about; staying away overnight. Well to cut a long story short, I do work all over the country and this does require me to stay away quite a bit, now my company have a business account with Premier Inn, and so I have become somewhat of an expert in these said hotels.

Tomorrow night I will be staying in Torquay my second overnight of the week, last night was Heathrow Airport.

What I think I was trying to get at is i’m sure other people do the same, but how many different Premier Inn’s have they stayed at? Am I on a one man mission to stay in every one of them in the UK? Not sure but will update this soon with a number and we will see where it take us.

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