Social Experiment

I have been contemplating as to weather to post this or not, but I feel that If I must be totally honest with this blog, then it must be published!

Some may think this is a moan, or a whinge, a cry for help maybe. No. Just in my eyes something which has been on the horizon for a while and has now happened.

Since the start of January, 2011, to be precise; I have only been contact by telephone only twice by my so called friends. Those people who I have spoken and conversed with I’m not surprised by, as they are true friends that I do not expect I will ever be without. However I know I have not called anyone, but as the title suggests, this is somewhat of an experiment.

I am very confident that these people who I mention never read this blog and most likely never will. So I’m sure I’m safe as to not upset anybody. It just that I feel that my life has totally changed, and for some that they are still living in the past. Now this might just be all in my head and it is me who has turned into an old boring bastard. But I am extremely happy with my life; work is great, home life is brilliant. I have no complaints.

As to why I feel this way I am not sure, but as I sit alone on a Saturday afternoon, it is funny how nobody has rung me to see what is going on! Hmm.

Still I will continue to update you all on this front, I’m all good, and have no drive to go and get on it down the pub! I think at last after 16 years my love affair with the old battle cruiser is over and done with!

Here’s to enjoying my own company and saving an absolute fortune!

Oh also 21 days and no fags!!!!


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