What We Did Last Summer…

For some reason this week I decided to relive one of the best days of my life. I dug out the DVD of Robbie Williams live at Knebworth, ‘What We Did Last Summer’.

Those of you who are not aware over 3 days in August 2003 Robbie played the biggest gigs in UK history with 122,000 people attending each day!!! I went on the last night on the Sunday. Along with me was Jem, Adam and Andy.

Now to me this was quite easily the best gig I have ever been to. Right up there with Oasis at Wembley in 2000 and 2009! However it was possibly one of the worst gigs, mainly due to the shear amount of people there. After the very long day of being squashed into a field with everyone else it took until 5 in the morning to actually leave Knebworth Park to head home!!! Never in my life has it took so long to leave a music venue!!! But was it worth it? Oh yes.

Watching it back this week made me realise a few things, number one; it was a long time ago but still feels like yesterday. How long I have been friends with everyone I still hang about with, and also how fucking great Robbie was that night. And how much every last person there absolutely loved every minute of the night, even Andy me thinks!

As Robbie did say at the gig it will be a long time until there is something like this in the UK for a long time. His words back in 2003 still are very true, looking back its amazing to think any one artist pulling that many people to a gig in this day and age.

So I had a very enjoyable Wednesday night singing my little heart out for two hours on my lonesome remembering when Robbie ruled the world and I was a little younger. Good Times indeed.


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