New Arrival

Some of you may know that me and the misses are expecting our first child! Absolutely fantastic news!!! Little Baby Coles is due in the world around the 7th August, so watch this space for updates!!!

It’s been hard to keep it from everybody but we both managed it and all we need to do now is wait until the end of March to find out what we are having, a boy, girl or hairdresser!

It’s going to be tough, especially on the financial front but we will be fine, they say you will never be ready and that is so true. So going out and hitting the town hard has come to a stop!

To be fair it has changed the way I look at life and where my priorities lie! Work will change and so will our social life, albeit for the better I’m sure.

So I leave you with the fantastic image above and to keep you updated on other fronts: I have had another image published via Railway Herald, I’ve been up to Glasgow for work and we now have a new sofa in the house! All in all great stuff!

I seem to be very very happy all the time, its great!


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