New Arrival

Some of you may know that me and the misses are expecting our first child! Absolutely fantastic news!!! Little Baby Coles is due in the world around the 7th August, so watch this space for updates!!!

It’s been hard to keep it from everybody but we both managed it and all we need to do now is wait until the end of March to find out what we are having, a boy, girl or hairdresser!

It’s going to be tough, especially on the financial front but we will be fine, they say you will never be ready and that is so true. So going out and hitting the town hard has come to a stop!

To be fair it has changed the way I look at life and where my priorities lie! Work will change and so will our social life, albeit for the better I’m sure.

So I leave you with the fantastic image above and to keep you updated on other fronts: I have had another image published via Railway Herald, I’ve been up to Glasgow for work and we now have a new sofa in the house! All in all great stuff!

I seem to be very very happy all the time, its great!


Recent Activity

Hello there readers of my blog, I hope that I find you well? Just thought I best update whats going on with me and a very important milestone!

The very important milestone first me thinks. Regular reader of this poor excuse for a blog, and anybody who knows me, will know I have a bit of a sad obsession with Motorways. Not sure to this day as why I do but still I will endeavour to continue…

Anyway I have beaten my record of motorways in one day! More information regarding why I do this can be found on an older post here. My previous record of 11 has now well and truly been smashed! 14 motorways in one day!!! The day in question was Wednesday 25th August when I had to go up to St Andrews in Scotland for work, via Bury on the way. so the completer list is as follows:

M40, M42, M6, M56, M60, M66, M65, M61, A 74(M), M74, M73, M80, M9, M90

Good work indeed for me, albeit a very very long day. To beat this is definitely going to take something very special!!!

Anyway onto something completely different. My photography has been very low on the radar the last month and certainly need to improve and submit some more images for publication. However I have been published but by someone else! Strange yes i’m sure it is but please read on.

I recently picked up this months copy of Railways Illustrated, a monthly insight int0 everything I enjoy about my hobby, I open up to the editorial a few pages in and what do I see but a picture of me with other ‘enthusiasts’ at a recent open day held by DRS at its Crewe Gresty Lane Depot. This was a bit of a shock as I have myself taken images of Trainspotters and put them on a web gallery and even blogged about it before. It seems that the tables are now changed! I did send the picture below to a good friend and his reply was very funny, simply stating that I had “unfortunately cunningly disguised myself as me”

So until next time, keep an eye on my twitter feed, tumblr blog, facebook and flickr as its my birthday soon and Im sure that there will be pics of me being out and about all drunk and so on!

Be Cool Peeps!

Spy Games

Well well, I have been to a right old special place today. I have deliberated as whether to blog about this or not as I fear I may give out too much information. But I have decided to but not go into much detail.

So today for work I’ve been to GCHQ in Cheltenham, for those of you who don’t know what this is or what they do there I will leave it up to you to discover yourself. Google search or Wikipedia it if needs be!

Fort those of you who are aware of this buildings importance, I will continue. I obviously will not go into any descriptions regarding access and security checks and so on, but wat I can disclose is as follows.

Firstly in my mind this is the UK’s answer to the CIA’s Langley site, albeit a tad smaller. The building itself is magnificent and a joy to walk around. What did surprise me was the amount of people who worked there. It was like a small town with coffee shops and convenience stores dotted all around the major walkways. Now of course I was not allowed to take any camera or any type of recording or communication equipment inside, but the best way to describe it was a circular airport terminal come shopping centre come modern office block. Very bright and spacious. There are so many things I saw inside in the main walkways and service tunnels I would love to talk about but shall not. Mainly for fear of being shot down by a sniper  next time I leave the house or being bundled into a van and sent off to Siberia to disclosing state secrets! Not that I saw such secrets its just I best describe my visit in very vague and simple terms, you never know who maybe reading this, hello anyway if you do work there and are seeing this, you work in a lovely place!

So for me this was a really cool day, I feel very privileged to go into such a place as myself being a mere citizen and nobody special whatsoever. It was very eye-opening to a strange secret world which does a very important job!

I’m off now to check that the doors are locked and I’m not being followed.

Until Next time…


Ok, I may be driveling on now, but that may be due to the bottle of nearly empty Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz sitting next to me and my MacBook, so, apologies. You find me typing this whilst sitting here in my hotel room in Torquay, its been a shitty evening, the weather has been dreadful, one of the girls behind the bar said “I cant remember how long its been since its been this bad’! Needless to say it was monsoon weather, not nice.

Anywho, I digress. The main reason for babbling on tonight is due to me staying in yet another Premier Inn tonight. And as mentioned on a previous post that I would try to figure out how many of these said establishments I have stayed at. So after obtaining a copy of the company directory from reception I spent 15 minutes going through the directory of 590, yes 590 hotel details!!! Note to self: I will never get back those 15 minutes! Ever, you fool!

So after trawling through this exciting read I have deducted that I, Mr BigColes the Geek has stayed in ONLY 25 of these!!!

To say I was disappointed is a bit of an understatement, I thought it was more, however I shall look over my record tomorrow whilst sober and check again. Bearing in mind I have also graved many other brands of hotel when away with work; Travelodge, Holiday Inn Express, Bewleys, Future Inns, The Great Eastern – Liverpool Street, plus many, many crappy little B&B’s (there in lies another story)

On another note of possible interest, only to me! This is the only Premier Inn restaurant (Beefeater) that regular customers, off the street have outnumbered the sad lonely work types (me included), shocking I was a tad taken back. Anyway I leave you with my list of Premier Inn’s I have stayed a night in to date! (I feel I may be getting a bit Alan Partridge!)

Aberdeen Central West

Aberdeen Westhill

Bournemouth Westcliff

Bracknell Twin Bridges

Bridgend Central

Bristol Cribbs Causeway

Cardiff City South

Carlisle Central

Doncaster Lakeside

Glasgow City Center South

Heathrow Airport M4/A4

Llandudno Glan-Conwy

Manchester Prestwich

Newcastle City Centre Millennium Bridge

Norwich Nelson City Centre Riverside

Norwich Showground

Plymouth City Centre Lockyers Quay

Preston South Craven Drive

Sheffield City Centre

Sheffield Meadowhall

St Austell

Stockton-on-Tees/Middleborough – Thornaby



Wigan North

So there you are, I’m done for tonight, if your lucky tomorrow, I may talk about trains! I’m off for a Benson!

Overnight Stay

Well been adding a few things to the blog here, namely a RSS feed from my Flickr pages and Twitter. The more observant of you will notice what is on the Flickr feed…trains!

Well i’m sure that explains the “BigColes the Geek’ name of this blog, yes as you may have guessed I am what you normal people refer to as a ‘Train Spotter’. It is a tad more complex than that one word but still more to come soon on this fascinating subject.

Now back to what I was planning to talk about; staying away overnight. Well to cut a long story short, I do work all over the country and this does require me to stay away quite a bit, now my company have a business account with Premier Inn, and so I have become somewhat of an expert in these said hotels.

Tomorrow night I will be staying in Torquay my second overnight of the week, last night was Heathrow Airport.

What I think I was trying to get at is i’m sure other people do the same, but how many different Premier Inn’s have they stayed at? Am I on a one man mission to stay in every one of them in the UK? Not sure but will update this soon with a number and we will see where it take us.

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