Welcome to the Future

So then it’s here, the year 2011. Feels a bit like 2010, but then that also felt like 2009, and so on and so forth.

As we all know it’s just a number and just a measurement in time or even existence! Still I digress, what is meant to be here is a very simple Happy New Year to all of you readers out there, of which I’m aware there are at least two of you. Also I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and got everything you asked for!

Right then, pleasantries over, now time for business. It has been a few months since I last posted anything on here, and there have been many developments in different areas of my life. So try try and keep you updated here goes:


Well after about three or four redesigns I think I may have the look for nee-nah.com right! For those of you who don’t know I have one or two different blogs and photo galleries online and decided a while back to make my domain, nee-nah.com the index site for all of these. So please feel free to pop over and see what you can see, eh!

Railways & Photography

So this has been a tad up and down on both fronts, as ultimately my photography rarely goes on with out my interest in railways taking president, however I did take some nice pics, in all that snow we had over the festive period, which can be found on my MobileMe Gallery.

The Railways and Photography has taken a dip in the latter parts of the year with very little in the way of trips out through September to December. Other than a delightful visit to Freightliner Crewe Basford Hall organized by Phoenix Railtours. So good in fact that I will be frequenting the site again in the next two weeks as I have a visit also planned on January 15th!

On the hardware front I have purchased myself a new digital compact, in the form of the Sony CyberShot DSC HX5V, very nice as well as a new pair of binoculars, Bushnell H20 10×42. And to top it all off at Christmas a Jessops FlashGun for my Canon EOS DSLR. New toys ahoy! Just need to test them out now, will be doing that very soon especially with the bins at Toton.


The above simply meaning New Years Eve Also Known As. Marc’s new bar which opened  before Christmas in the old site of Yates. And low and behold I did DJ on NEw Years Eve to  pub full of real people who payed to go in! Did feel good after about 10 years, but hey you never loose it!

Smoking is Cool

Again I refer you to an older post of mine, whereI quit smoking. This did not last for long. As a new years resolution I am starting again, and so far I am doing OK, nearly 3 whole days and no cravings, and Im not even using patches!!!! so will I endeavor to stay uncool forever, we will see, watch this pace peeps!

Me enjoying a Burger at Jamies Italian, Oxford


So for this year there is much to look forward too, A life with out fags,  which in turn should give me more cash!  An exciting year ahead at work, me hopes and much more including something very new, which will be elaborated upon here in the near future.

So thank you for reading this silly little blog, I surely does not help you in life but I think it may help me somewhat, only slightly in trying to explain myself.

Till later on, bye bye!


Spy Games

Well well, I have been to a right old special place today. I have deliberated as whether to blog about this or not as I fear I may give out too much information. But I have decided to but not go into much detail.

So today for work I’ve been to GCHQ in Cheltenham, for those of you who don’t know what this is or what they do there I will leave it up to you to discover yourself. Google search or Wikipedia it if needs be!

Fort those of you who are aware of this buildings importance, I will continue. I obviously will not go into any descriptions regarding access and security checks and so on, but wat I can disclose is as follows.

Firstly in my mind this is the UK’s answer to the CIA’s Langley site, albeit a tad smaller. The building itself is magnificent and a joy to walk around. What did surprise me was the amount of people who worked there. It was like a small town with coffee shops and convenience stores dotted all around the major walkways. Now of course I was not allowed to take any camera or any type of recording or communication equipment inside, but the best way to describe it was a circular airport terminal come shopping centre come modern office block. Very bright and spacious. There are so many things I saw inside in the main walkways and service tunnels I would love to talk about but shall not. Mainly for fear of being shot down by a sniper  next time I leave the house or being bundled into a van and sent off to Siberia to disclosing state secrets! Not that I saw such secrets its just I best describe my visit in very vague and simple terms, you never know who maybe reading this, hello anyway if you do work there and are seeing this, you work in a lovely place!

So for me this was a really cool day, I feel very privileged to go into such a place as myself being a mere citizen and nobody special whatsoever. It was very eye-opening to a strange secret world which does a very important job!

I’m off now to check that the doors are locked and I’m not being followed.

Until Next time…


Alas, I have failed you again, yes you the reader/observer of this my attempt at blogging more than pictures!

I unreservedly apolagise to you, the reader. If there is any of you out there that is???

Anyway as mentioned above, I’ve been away for a while. Holiday for one and in the wordpress wilderness. Work does have a lot to do with this, being ever so much busier. Also my other more geeky hobby has to be fair distracted me from updating this.

However as I sit here at home awaiting the clock to hit 18:00 when I must get back to work and down to London town, I have decided to keep you informed of my goings on and try to write a half decent blog. This may not be achieved on either front, but I will try.

There are a few issues which must be addressed for those of you who follow this blog and are keen to know how certain things are progressing.

  • I have another Premier Inn to add to my ongoing list – not interesting!
  • I adore the new iPhone 4 and iPad but alas have not even touched either, let alone purchased said items.
  • ALL of the TV I watch and enjoy has ended for good or come to its seasons end, 24, Lost, Doctor Who, Glee, Desperate Housewives, Cougar Town….
  • The no smoking has had a relapse, although the exercise is improving.
  • Im not submitting photos to railway magazines for publication, and I don’t know why? Laziness I suppose.
  • The World Cup has come and gone, England were useless, and the whole world now has discovered one of the most annoying man made objects since time began, the vuvuzella!!
  • My first and only car I have owned is no more, having got rid of the old Fiesta to the scrap merchant for a measly £40.

    Most of the above seem to be very negative, however I feel very happy and not down in the slightest. Im not sure as to why?

    Still, good times are among us, on the 31st July I will be celebrating with my wife our first wedding anniversary, a milestone for sure!

    Early September see’s my birthday creep up again, 31 this year! Even better news on that subject, a few weeks ago a few people guessed my age and I was told I looked 25-27 years old. Result!

    Im sure I will get very sad and geeky and verging on major camp-ness with The X Factor return in a few months, which will unfortunately lead us to Christmas!! Be wary soon as you see those ads on ITV, you know that the year is coming to an end, so get you jumpers ready.

    This brought me to another though after looking back at some older photos the other day, I feel I may bring back the roll-neck this winter? thoughts would be welcome.

    I feel that this blog may have opened the floodgates a little, and one hopes that I will return to here and keep you all enthralled with future posts. Time will tell.

    Until that time, please feel free to get in touch by leaving a comment or two below, it’s always nice to know that these ramblings are being read by someone.



    As you may have guessed from the pic above or the fact the title of this entry is gleek, that I am referring to the phenomenon that is Glee! Yes Fox’s brilliant comedy about the kids at high school who sing and dance, who are not cool! (Unlike HSM).

    I recently started watching this after seeing it on the usual online TV torrent sites last year, but not paying much attention. So when I saw the UK trailer for E4 I decided to tune in. I was not disappointed, but then I suppose this is not everyones cup of tea. You see I have a bit of a soft spot for musicals and the like so the chances of me enjoying it were quite high.

    However I feel I may be getting a little obsessed, with me downloading the songs from the show and watching video on the fox.com website.

    Yes I can hear the screams of “Gay-Boy”, “Geek”, “Loser”, and so forth but  this programme has me feeling all warm inside and a general happiness.

    So from that I will leave you to carry on with your day, and remember ‘Don’t Stop Believing’

    Smoking is Cool

    And you know it is, Fact. No I know it’s very bad for you and so on and so forth, but he plain and simple fact is that Smoking is Cool, you just have to look at all the famous cool people in the world, they all smoke don’t they, Yes!

    Which brings me on to my point, I am cool and as from tomorrow, 1st February 2010, I will no longer be cool as I’m packing in the fags! there I have announced it to the world.

    There are many reasons for this but more importantly than anything else it’s about time. I have heard tales from friends who have managed this task in the past, and they are amazed that halfway through the month they still have money left in their bank accounts! I’m especially looking forward to this.

    To also counteract the retirement from coolness, I will also throughout February be not drinking any form of alcohol! I have concluded that temptation is the highest for cigarettes whilst enjoying a cold pint or two with friends. To stop the fags I must cease the beer, although only temporarily.

    So this is my mission, if you will, my goal, my vision, my challenge for 2010. I think I’m ready, smoked all of the remaining fags,  drank all the beer in the fridge, stop taking money out with me to prevent my from purchasing said items, and most importantly invested in some heavy duty nicotine patches! On the other side of this pain I will be considerably more wealthy, more healthy and more nice smelly.

    Chances are good that I will succeed so I will keep you posted, and Im sure that my regular tweets will keep you updated, so here goes, here’s to a month of hell.

    Bye for now!


    Hello there and happy 2010. Thought it was time to update the blog here, it has been a while and so much has happened! Much of which I was planning to talk about on here, but alas time has been against me and I have not done so.

    So here goes, a quick roundup of what has been happening; Christmas, New Year, First Railway Picture Published, The End of the 10th Doctor; Apple Time Capsule & Magic Mouse

    Anyway I may well go back to some of these later in depth. But if you click on some of the topics they will take you through to a relevant page and /or blog which may explain in a bit more detail.

    Anyway hope this has kept you all in check, I will now will endeavour to expand more on my random ramblings and will try to improve my writing style.

    I’ve done something….

    As I have already discussed in previous posts, i’m a rail enthusiast, now that may shock you. But I feel i’m quite a normal kind of guy, not your stereotypical ‘Train Spotter’. My friends would even agree with me on that one!

    However, I recall showing one of my good friends, Mr Moir a few pics in the past of some ‘proper’ spotters, and he found it very amusing.

    Jump forward many months and I feel that I will have to share this little thing with him also. Now as a enthusiast in all aspects of railways I do take photographs of trains. I have also been taking photographs of train spotters taking photos of trains!

    Strange, weird, maybe bonkers, but still amusing. I’m sharing this with you to see what you think. Some of the photos it is a tad hard to spot the spotter. One photo even had a female spotter! simple sit back and indulge, you will however find many stereotypical spotters in this images, so you have been warned.

    Follow this link here of click on the image above

    Recent Activity

    So I seem not to be updating this blog as much as  I would like. There are many reasons for this; firstly the wife was away with work in Las Vegas last week, this allowed me to watch what I wanted to on the old telly, thus being too involved in whatever I was watching to open up the MacBook. Secondly having a very busy couple of weeks with work. Im sure there are more reasons but none come to mind as yet.

    But I’m here and back, sitting at home on the sofa whilst most other people are slaving away at work! Needless to say I’m not on the skive, just had a hell of a lot of holiday to use up before Christmas.

    Christmas, this brings me on to another point, two days ago whilst driving through The City in London, I heard the first Christmas song of the year, Mariah Carey. This blearing out of the van stereo with me singing along feeling oh so festive. I want to put something out there: I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I know I am a big kid, but its so much fun. the music, the party’s, decorations and most of all being skint! I love it.

    Those of you who are also keeping a notice on my Flickr pages will see yet more train pics. These were from a recent sojourn out to the North West last weekend with an old school friend. The day started with a stop off at Birmingham International before 6.00am to catch a charter train, then headed off up to Crewe. Had a bargain of a ticket, £18.00 for a Cheshire Ranger. This allowed us to travel from Crewe to Manchester, then along the historic Rainhill route between Manchester and Liverpool. Then around Merseyside down to Chester and back to Crewe. The day was good and I managed to complete both the Class 507 & Class 508 MerseyRail Electrics. Good Times.

    Anyway that will do for now, I will be posting again soon as I’m off to Scotland next week for two days with work, so will try and pop into Carlisle and Glasgow on route as I’m off to Fife.

    So until then, enjoy the festive season and try and stay out of the rain!



    As I sit here watching Chelsea v Man U and typing this, I seem to have created another blog! I’m quite worried about this not because I spend all day online blogging about this and that. It’s because I already have a few online pages, blogs, websites and so on, you can read about all of this here on another of my blogs!

    My question to my self is this – why?

    1.It’s the case that I seem to want the perfect website, which will allow me to do everything I want and cant be bothered/don’t know how to create my own?

    2. A good friend of mine already has a blog here on WordPress so I feel compelled to follow him, as I have with tumblr, and my love of Apple products.

    3. I think it is a combination of both above, however I do link everything I do online to facebook, so everybody I know can see what i’m doing, and I think I need somewhere just to ramble on in private.

    Which brings me onto this, my blog and a little insight to me, some things will interest you, most things will not but still I shall perceiver. And I will try to write more as all the other blogs and online sites I have are just pictures really. So here goes I will try and ‘be creative’ with my writing, wish me luck….

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