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Hello there readers of my blog, I hope that I find you well? Just thought I best update whats going on with me and a very important milestone!

The very important milestone first me thinks. Regular reader of this poor excuse for a blog, and anybody who knows me, will know I have a bit of a sad obsession with Motorways. Not sure to this day as why I do but still I will endeavour to continue…

Anyway I have beaten my record of motorways in one day! More information regarding why I do this can be found on an older post here. My previous record of 11 has now well and truly been smashed! 14 motorways in one day!!! The day in question was Wednesday 25th August when I had to go up to St Andrews in Scotland for work, via Bury on the way. so the completer list is as follows:

M40, M42, M6, M56, M60, M66, M65, M61, A 74(M), M74, M73, M80, M9, M90

Good work indeed for me, albeit a very very long day. To beat this is definitely going to take something very special!!!

Anyway onto something completely different. My photography has been very low on the radar the last month and certainly need to improve and submit some more images for publication. However I have been published but by someone else! Strange yes i’m sure it is but please read on.

I recently picked up this months copy of Railways Illustrated, a monthly insight int0 everything I enjoy about my hobby, I open up to the editorial a few pages in and what do I see but a picture of me with other ‘enthusiasts’ at a recent open day held by DRS at its Crewe Gresty Lane Depot. This was a bit of a shock as I have myself taken images of Trainspotters and put them on a web gallery and even blogged about it before. It seems that the tables are now changed! I did send the picture below to a good friend and his reply was very funny, simply stating that I had “unfortunately cunningly disguised myself as me”

So until next time, keep an eye on my twitter feed, tumblr blog, facebook and flickr as its my birthday soon and Im sure that there will be pics of me being out and about all drunk and so on!

Be Cool Peeps!


Motorway Bashing

So back in August I posted on my tumblr blog about going on many different motorways in one day. This can be read here. For while I thought I would not ever beat my current score of 8  motorways. Until recently.

I was going through some old notes and found this scribbled down from my notepad in the van. I have indeed beaten 8 with 11 different motorways.

To explain this rather geeky thing a  little bit, whilst i’m driving around the country my mind wanders somewhat. One day I though that I had been on quite a few motorways in one day, so I decided to keep track and then see if my travels would allow me to better that.

So here are the results:

Thursday 20th August 2009: 8: M40, M42, M6 TOLL, M6, M62, M60, M66, M56

New Count:

Thursday 10th December 2009: 11: M876, M873, A823 (M), M73, M74, A74 (M), M6, M6 TOLL, M42, M40

It’s going to take one big journey to beat this but hey, i’m willing to give it a go!

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