Spy Games

Well well, I have been to a right old special place today. I have deliberated as whether to blog about this or not as I fear I may give out too much information. But I have decided to but not go into much detail.

So today for work I’ve been to GCHQ in Cheltenham, for those of you who don’t know what this is or what they do there I will leave it up to you to discover yourself. Google search or Wikipedia it if needs be!

Fort those of you who are aware of this buildings importance, I will continue. I obviously will not go into any descriptions regarding access and security checks and so on, but wat I can disclose is as follows.

Firstly in my mind this is the UK’s answer to the CIA’s Langley site, albeit a tad smaller. The building itself is magnificent and a joy to walk around. What did surprise me was the amount of people who worked there. It was like a small town with coffee shops and convenience stores dotted all around the major walkways. Now of course I was not allowed to take any camera or any type of recording or communication equipment inside, but the best way to describe it was a circular airport terminal come shopping centre come modern office block. Very bright and spacious. There are so many things I saw inside in the main walkways and service tunnels I would love to talk about but shall not. Mainly for fear of being shot down by a sniper  next time I leave the house or being bundled into a van and sent off to Siberia to disclosing state secrets! Not that I saw such secrets its just I best describe my visit in very vague and simple terms, you never know who maybe reading this, hello anyway if you do work there and are seeing this, you work in a lovely place!

So for me this was a really cool day, I feel very privileged to go into such a place as myself being a mere citizen and nobody special whatsoever. It was very eye-opening to a strange secret world which does a very important job!

I’m off now to check that the doors are locked and I’m not being followed.

Until Next time…


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