Smoking is Cool

And you know it is, Fact. No I know it’s very bad for you and so on and so forth, but he plain and simple fact is that Smoking is Cool, you just have to look at all the famous cool people in the world, they all smoke don’t they, Yes!

Which brings me on to my point, I am cool and as from tomorrow, 1st February 2010, I will no longer be cool as I’m packing in the fags! there I have announced it to the world.

There are many reasons for this but more importantly than anything else it’s about time. I have heard tales from friends who have managed this task in the past, and they are amazed that halfway through the month they still have money left in their bank accounts! I’m especially looking forward to this.

To also counteract the retirement from coolness, I will also throughout February be not drinking any form of alcohol! I have concluded that temptation is the highest for cigarettes whilst enjoying a cold pint or two with friends. To stop the fags I must cease the beer, although only temporarily.

So this is my mission, if you will, my goal, my vision, my challenge for 2010. I think I’m ready, smoked all of the remaining fags,  drank all the beer in the fridge, stop taking money out with me to prevent my from purchasing said items, and most importantly invested in some heavy duty nicotine patches! On the other side of this pain I will be considerably more wealthy, more healthy and more nice smelly.

Chances are good that I will succeed so I will keep you posted, and Im sure that my regular tweets will keep you updated, so here goes, here’s to a month of hell.

Bye for now!


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