Motorway Bashing

So back in August I posted on my tumblr blog about going on many different motorways in one day. This can be read here. For while I thought I would not ever beat my current score of 8  motorways. Until recently.

I was going through some old notes and found this scribbled down from my notepad in the van. I have indeed beaten 8 with 11 different motorways.

To explain this rather geeky thing a  little bit, whilst i’m driving around the country my mind wanders somewhat. One day I though that I had been on quite a few motorways in one day, so I decided to keep track and then see if my travels would allow me to better that.

So here are the results:

Thursday 20th August 2009: 8: M40, M42, M6 TOLL, M6, M62, M60, M66, M56

New Count:

Thursday 10th December 2009: 11: M876, M873, A823 (M), M73, M74, A74 (M), M6, M6 TOLL, M42, M40

It’s going to take one big journey to beat this but hey, i’m willing to give it a go!


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