I’ve done something….

As I have already discussed in previous posts, i’m a rail enthusiast, now that may shock you. But I feel i’m quite a normal kind of guy, not your stereotypical ‘Train Spotter’. My friends would even agree with me on that one!

However, I recall showing one of my good friends, Mr Moir a few pics in the past of some ‘proper’ spotters, and he found it very amusing.

Jump forward many months and I feel that I will have to share this little thing with him also. Now as a enthusiast in all aspects of railways I do take photographs of trains. I have also been taking photographs of train spotters taking photos of trains!

Strange, weird, maybe bonkers, but still amusing. I’m sharing this with you to see what you think. Some of the photos it is a tad hard to spot the spotter. One photo even had a female spotter! simple sit back and indulge, you will however find many stereotypical spotters in this images, so you have been warned.

Follow this link here of click on the image above


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